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Reto und Markus Huber

Markus and Reto Huber (*1975 Münsterlingen / Switzerland), have been working together under the name huber.huber since graduating from the Zurich School of Art and Design in 2005. In recent years, they have attracted attention with collages and drawings, photographs, videos as well as sculptural works and expansive installations.
The multi-layered and conceptual works of huber.huber have been shown in solo exhibitions in various institutions and galleries in Switzerland and abroad.

Her most important institutional solo exhibitions were:

"Vor der Vergangenheit" (Before the Past) in 2008 at the Kunsthaus Glarus.
"I cani non hanno anima" (Dogs Do Not Have A Soul) in 2009 at the Cantonal Art Museum Lugano
"Fade to Black" in 2013 at the Kunsthalle Schaffhausen / Vebikus, Schaffhausen
"Land of Plenty" in 2014 at the Museum Bärengasse, Zurich
"Und plötzlich ging die Sonne unter" (Suddenly the Sun Set) in 2015 at the Aargauer Kunsthaus
"promised is promised" in 2016 at the Kunsthalle Arbon
"save our souls", in 2017 at Helvetia Art Foyer, Basel
"Hello, darkness, my old friend" in 2018 at the Naturhistorisches Museum Bern
"Petrichor" in 2018 at the Kunstraum Aarau
"Odyssey" in 2019/20 at the Kunsthaus Zofingen, Zofingen CH
"Energy - or Paradise Lost" in 2020 (Energy - or Paradise Lost) at the Johanneskirche, Zurich.
"Energy - or the lost paradise" in 2020 at the Johanneskirche, Zurich
"IMAGINE - 80 000 000 tears for the people on the run" in 2022, University Church, Marburg D
"Eisbär'n müssen nie weinen" in 2022 at Kunstkasten Winterthur
"The route is recalculated" in 2022 at the Kunsthalle Wil CH

Their works are represented in numerous important collections.

In 2005 they received a studio grant from the City of Zurich in New York, and this year huber.huber realized several important works that were purchased by the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Aargauer Kunsthaus, and the Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen, among others; they also created an intervention in NYC entitled "Hiddentrack: Birdhouses" commissioned by the Swiss Institute NYC. Other major awards were:

2023: Art award of Kt. Zurich
2022: Research grant, Thurgau Cultural Foundation
2021: Audience Award, Sculpture Biennale Weiertal, CH
2020: Art award of Kt. Zurich
2020: Art award of Kt. Thurgau
2019: Work contribution Landis & Gyr
2018: Jury Prize International Competition "lausanne jardins 2019"
(Collaboration with the architects Comte/Meuwly and the landscape architect Von Pechmann)
2015: Art award of Kt. Kt. Zurich
2006: Art award of Kt. ("EvE-Kulturpreis") from Julius Baer

In 2011, Edition Patrick Frey published "Universen", a 280-page monograph in the form of an artist's book. In the fall of 2014, the same publishing house published "Hoffentlich verliebe ich mich nicht in dich," an art project together with the Bernese poet Jürg Halter. This was followed in the spring of 2020, also published by Edition Patrick Frey, by the new monographic artist's book "Widersprüchliche Bewegungsreize."

Markus and Reto Huber taught at various universities. huber.huber regularly give lectures and participate in panel discussions. Their happenings and dinners are legendary.
huber.huber have curated various exhibitions for institutions, including the ETH Zurich Graphic Collection, Kunsthaus Glarus, the Verein für Originalgrafik or currently in their temporary project space "Friends" in Zurich, where they actively work and share their network beyond the traditional concept of art.