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CO-OP, Amsterdam NL

21st until the 24th of September 2017

Britto Arts Trust (Bangladesh) / Colectivo +1 (Colombia) / Dead Darlings (The Netherlands) / DER GREIF (Germany) / GUSH (Belgium) / Huber.Huber (Switzerland) / Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt (Sweden) / LIVE WILD (France) / Nepal Picture Library (Nepal) / POIUYT (Italy) / Radical Reversibility (The Netherlands) / Ruang MES56 (Indonesia) / Tendance Floue (France)

For this year’s edition, Unseen Amsterdam is thrilled to introduce a new, dynamic and interactive element to its platform; CO-OP, a space exclusively dedicated to the work of cutting edge, artist collectives and artist-run initiatives from all over the world. CO-OP will take place inside the Transformatorhuis at Westergasfabriek, which will be remodeled to create a lively and inspiring social hub for exploring pioneering works of art as well as experimenting with new formats of art commerce.
In an exceptional display-structure inspired by the concept of the agora? (a place of assembly in ancient Greece serving as a marketplace where both ideas and artefacts can be discussed and exchanged), thirteen international collectives, selected by the independent curator Lars Willumeit and Unseen Artistic Director Emilia van Lynden, will constitute this inaugural edition of CO-OP.
Some key qualities that identify the spirit of this innovative section of Unseen are cooperative, collaboration, and interaction: collectives are invited to exhibit their work and furthermore to set up new commercial strategies as possible ways to interact with their audience. With the cooperation of collectives and spectators, the place will become a massive meta-collective in itself.
The creation of this new element into the fair programme underlines Unseen’s engagement in stimulating collaboration between artists and the need for innovative and unconventional approaches to art commerce, in order to support more sustainable careers for artists and collectives.

huber.huber ELEMENTS

The installation ELEMENTS consists of collages, himalaya salt, mirrors and butterflies.
It`s plays with the idea, that art can treat and even maybe cure emotional distress. With that, unscientific salvation and hope, but also the soullessness of our society is becoming a subject. huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg