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Annual Report 2012 - Nationale Suisse Group

Dialogue Between Art and Literature

The Art Report "Collection of Lost Things"
On, artists huber.huber and poet Jürg Halter have been expanding their weekly Thursday blog since May 2012 with pictures and texts to create a "Collection of lost things". By the end of 2012, this open dialogue between art and literature will give rise to an "art report" – a project initiated and supported by Nationale Suisse.

The art report with the "Collection of lost things" invites readers to discover and experience contemporary Swiss artistic and literary creation. The two Zurich-based artists huber.huber (Markus and Reto Huber) and Bernese poet Jürg Halter (also known as rapper Kutti MC) focus on the supposedly banal and seek out the unusual within the usual in the public sphere. In this virtual art space, the Hubers and Halter take on not only an artistic but also a curatorial role with their blog. Visitors to the website can thus follow the creation of a fictitious collection.

The art report is not only a further commitment to art on the part of Nationale Suisse but will also be an integral element of our concept for the 2013 financial reporting process, which is dedicated to the topic of art. It will feature an artistic work that is developing in parallel to the figures for the current business year.

The art report is an integral part of the insurance company’s new financial reporting concept, which is centred around art.

The photographs on the gold pages between the sections of the Annual Report 2012 come from the “Collection of Lost Things”. In the past year, a virtual art space has been created under this title which can be visited around the clock at The art report invites visitors to discover and experience contemporary works of Swiss art and literature online. Over a period
Thirty "snapshots" await the visitor in the “Collection of Lost Things”, focusing on the themes of life and death, joy and sorrow and identity and foreignness from different perspectives. This art
project, which is supported by Nationale Suisse, is the work of the two Zurich-based artists huber.huber (Markus and Reto Huber) and the Bernese poet Jürg Halter.

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The Financial Report 2012 is available in English and German.
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Photographs: huber.huber, Zurich
Text: Jürg Halter
Concept, design and realisation: TBS & Partner AG, Zurich
Publishing system Multimedia Solutions AG, Zurich

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Kunstbericht 2012: Sammlung verlorener Dinge
Virtueller Raum für Kunst und Literatur im Dialog

Die «Sammlung verlorener Dinge» ist ein zeitlich begrenztes Kunstprojekt der beiden Zürcher Künstler huber.huber (Markus und Reto Huber) und dem Berner Dichter Jürg Halter. Initiiert und finanziert wird dieser virtuelle Kunstraum unter der Adresse von Nationale Suisse.

Die drei bekannten Künstler werden unter dem Titel «Sammlung verlorener Dinge» ihren Blick auf das vermeintlich Banale richten und nach dem Ungewohnten im Gewöhnlichen des öffentlichen Raums suchen. Bis Ende Jahr werden die beiden Künstler und der Dichter jeden Donnerstag einen neuen gemeinsamen fotografisch-literarischen Beitrag aufschalten. Die Hubers fotografieren und Halter wird jeweils überraschende Bildinterpretationen, ja, vielmehr kleine Geschichten zu den Fotografien schreiben. Das Ganze ist also ein offener Dialog zwischen Kunst und Literatur. Und das Besondere: Die «Sammlung verlorener Dinge» kann in ihrem Entstehungsprozess von Anfang an verfolgt werden.